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What exactly is this site about? Good question. In the past, it reflected many interests, as well as provide info/resources for people. The main sections were shown on the top frame: Art, Music, Net etc. A couple of the small sections were produced years ago for a previous site that never got published. Still many of it had been homed here...

The whole site was born on 28/07/99 in the form of non-frames, it's change to www.teen-spirit.co.uk was established at the end of October, so now it's just over 6 and a half years old. Throughout its cyberlife the site had progressed in terms of design, graphics, web technology and content.

Web design and graphics had always been there. The 'glowing hands' inspiration was actually Australian Aborigine Art, with the distinctive handprints/paintings found along the inside walls of caves. The 2 waving cats featured on the homepage were an oriental tradition where they are in fact calling in customers. In this case, call upon surfers.

Many images were obtained by internet resources, scanned from articles, or produced by Teen Spirit i.e. artwork, and a few animation gifs. Some were produced on computer, most non-photographic images were created and editted with Paint Shop Pro. The java script codes were formed using Dynamic Drive and wsabstract.com, which was where they were created. And the MIDI files must be credited to MIDI Hits '99 and Planet MIDI.

Information was also obtained through books, internet resources, magazines etc. Links took absolutely ages to do, all compiled together. It became so ridiculously huge, they've now been divided into about 4 or so sections. Thanks to friends, TV, word of mouth, media, forwards, computer magazines, and surfing on the net.

This site was built entirely in HTML language, and is still currently being maintained with HTML/java support. Teen Spirit has in fact been a one-gurl band.

Over 219,000 people had surfed into the site between October 1999 and October 2003. This site was never a money-making opportunity, it was more of a contribution for surfers' entertainment and resources; unfortunately since the web has changed dramatically. Personal career opportunities wouldn't go amiss though. Until then, let's dream on. Thanks for surfing here, visit again soon, it changes every now and then.

Web site created, designed, editted, and maintained by Teen .:i|i:. Spirit.

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