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.:i|i:. Apologies for suspended site updates... Please sign the Wall, Thanks for visiting .:i|i:.
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Thanks for visiting the Sanctuary. A homepage is up for the first time in 2 years. That is all for now. The left pic shows where it all started. 'Bless this mess'.
TEEN .:i|i:. SPIRIT....

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    FIRST NEWS (spring 2005):
  • RESURRECTED... Teen Spirit may be returning after 3 years of hiatus - as some may see - not in its all original form. The site is yet to be reconstructed, but that will not be seen in the near future. Apologies for such scarce details, but there maybe a surprise in store... .:ili:.

    LAST NEWS (spring 2003):
  • KARMA COMA... Teen Spirit is no longer being updated for now as there isn't enough time nor access to maintain the site.... FOR NOW. However, it maybe return with a revamp in summer 2003 and continue into 2004. Watch this space.... in the summer. Deepest apologies for the temporary suspension of site maintenance. I vill be back.... .:ili:.

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